Evolution of Human Sexuality

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  • Published : October 6, 2012
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Discuss how the concept of sexuality has evolved and where it is now. What are some factors that have contributed to our views of sexuality?

Sherifa J. Maxwell
Human Sexuality
The Mico University College

Miss Megan Swaby
September 24, 2012

What is the difference between sex and sexuality? Over the years human sexuality has been a debate that has never been won. Each and every day there are person who expresses their sexuality differently and others considered them to be taboo. Perfect by nature that’s what we ought to be but because of self indulgence with choice we have developed sexuality. According to Gainor sex is refer to as the person’s biological status and it is typically categorized as male, female or intersex. Then what is sexuality? Has sexuality given us our gender identity and sexual orientation? Thus I will expound on the history of sexuality and how it has evolved. As early as the populations of the Hebrews sex was vital to their lively hood. The Hebrews considered the act of sex the bond to a monogamy relationship; one man, one wife according to Rabbi Tulushkin; but if a woman was childless or developed an abnormality such as a boil would lead to the grounds of divorce which rarely happened. They also thought that sex was the ‘divine injunction’ of procreation thus homosexuality was strongly disapproved of. They believed that marital bonds would be strengthened the heterosexual relationships and create a strong bond for the family. Although they had clear preference for monogamy relationship, polygamy was permissible. On the other hand many cultures such as the ancient Greeks normalized or promoted homosexuality among the adult males who were soldiers and older males with male youths; usually teenagers, entering into pedagogic friendships or love affairs that also had an erotic dimension. If sexual, the relationship lasted until the youth was ready for adulthood and marriage therefore, it was not suppose to threaten the...
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