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Topics: Geriatrics, Academic degree, Bachelor's degree Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: May 11, 2015
Geriatric Case Manager
As I embark on my education journey to hopefully a Bachelor's degree in Human Services.  The career I choose to permanently employ in is a geriatric case worker. I'd much prefer to work with a gerontology certification as my true passion lies with working with our elders. I have hands on experience in geriatric care and feel this is the perfect career for myself, and I know I will be a true asset to whomever employs me. Additionally, as a geriatric case worker continuing education potentials are widely available in most workplaces. I'd use this resource whenever possible to further educate myself and prepare for a new position with different and unique responsibilities. At forty years of age, with medical issues, I want to pursue my career and education more than ever. Helping others is within my nature. I am well prepared for the journey ahead. To add, and much to benefit from, the geriatric or aging population have so much life to them, stories to tell, seem more genuine, and many are abandoned by their own loved ones. I'd like to be the one who makes a difference in one's quality of life. When I pursue my Bachelor's Degree, I'd remain in geriatrics as a Geriatric Case Manager, in this newer named, yet in high demand, position!

Responsibilities and Requirements of a Geriatric Case Manager: a. Responsibilities of this job
i. Provide crisis intervention, conduct care planning assessments to identify needs, put care plans together and execute them efficiently and effectively. ii.
i. What this position requires -
ii. Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, Health Administration, or Nursing is required, however a Master’s degree is preferred. iii. Clean criminal background checks are necessary, along with excellent personal, academic, and work references. Drug use is not permitted. Some states may subject you to polygraph testing, if necessary, such as my state of North Carolina. All local...
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