Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism

Topics: Human sacrifice, Sacrifice, Religion Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism
Cannibalism and human sacrificial ceremonies have been around for an exceedingly long period of time. Cannibalizing a human sacrifice has existed throughout recorded history and continues today in a few religions.

Cannibalism and human sacrifice has materialized in numerous forms throughout the course of history. Asia, Europe, America, and Australia all have participated in the ceremonies of human sacrifice and cannibalism. A style of cannibalism is performed today by the Roman Catholics as well as the Eastern Orthodox. Throughout history, ancient and otherwise, human sacrifice has been practiced on every inhabited continent. ( and

Human sacrifice is the act of slaughtering human beings as part of a religious sacrament. Cannibalism originated from the Carib people which were a West Indies tribe notorious for their practice of cannibalism. A widespread custom going back into early human history, cannibalism and human sacrifice has been found among peoples on nearly all of the continents. Human sacrifice could involve burning the body, beheading the victim, or just burying the person alive. There are two primary types of human sacrifice: the offering of a human being to a god and the entombment or slaughter of servants or slaves intended to accompany the deceased into the afterlife. ( and and and

According to Rit Nosotro, in Asia, human sacrifices were made to the mother goddess, Kali. This goddess was known for her thirst of blood. During the nineteenth century, an innocent child was killed every day at the Kali...
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