Human rights Case Study

Topics: Law, Human rights, United Nations Pages: 5 (678 words) Published: May 7, 2015
Human Rights Quarterly – What Are Human Rights?

This article discusses the perception of human rights and identifies what Academic literature on the topic classifies “Human Rights” as. The article covers the foundation of human rights and how scholars believe that human right are founded in nature. The Author coves a variety of perceptions, ideas and viewpoints, but however, it mainly focuses on the point that scholars do believe the founded human rights and that they claim to have been ‘institutionally high jacked’. This article provides different perspectives on the topic of human rights and gives an impression on how human rights are founded.

Where is racism?

This journal is a study of racism and attempts to identify overt racist practises within a community and studies how often these are occurring and where. This article is written from the point of view of the reader and provides a personal opinion on how she views racism within the community and her objections to it. It also goes in-depth on the finer points of racism such as feminism and women’s rights within the indigenous community. This article give an excellent perspective on the topic of racism and it gives the reader more insight onto what racism is and how it is being used within communities and social environments.

The Search For Aboriginal Pride

This article explores how indigenous people have been treated and are being treated in today’s social environments and it identifies what we have done and are doing to change the way we view indigenous people. The article cover a range of topics including the actions of Harold Holt in 1966 when he was first elected as prime minister and it claims that studies in certain state schools that it is not actually the intelligence that is lacking but however it is the social motivation of the indigenous people that is blocking them, in a way, of acquiring a higher education. The Search for Aboriginal pride is a great article and it shows the difficulties of the indigenous people in relation to racism

Australian Corrections: The Imprisonment Of Indigenous People

This article contains information and data rates of the imprisonment of indigenous people over the decades and it studies the concept of racism in these studies. It goes in-to-depth on why more indigenous people get locked up per decade in these studies and it also studies the fluctuation of the population in direct result of these studies and it shows result of surveys for criminal offences, which show how many indigenous people get sent to jail for these crimes in comparison to non-indigenous people. This article is a great study in the area of indigenous imprisonment and racism and it give some insight into the comparison between non-indigenous and indigenous imprisonment rates.

Hot Topics – The Australian Legal System

This article provides information on the legal system and why it is enforced. It gives a lot of information on the definition of a legal system and what they do in Australia. The article covers a brief history of the legal system in early England, studies the different types of laws we have today such as, Customary Law and international law, and also dives information on the legal system principles of: fairness, transparency, Equality before the law,...
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