Human Trafficking Case

Topics: Slavery, Human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pages: 3 (821 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Human Trafficking
“Couple sentenced in largest human trafficking cases in Canadian history”
A Hungarian couple was arrested for being a part of one of the largest human trafficking cases in the country. Joszef Domotor, 45 and his wife Kristina Csaszar, 33 were caught for trafficking of humans and their enslavement. Upon detainment they admitted to being involved in a criminal organization specializing in the enslavement and trafficking of humans. The organization recruited at least nineteen other victims from Hungary, promising them a better lifestyle and employment in Hamilton, ON. However, shortly after coming to Canada the victims were treated like slaves, physically and mentally abused, and given no pay. Also, their movements were controlled by the organization and were threatened into lying to immigration and welfare. The couple had lied their way into Canada and adopted the lifestyle of the wealthy. They kept “slaves” who cared for them and their children. Four “slaves” testified against them in court. Szalaine Ban and her husband Imre Szalai were brought to Canada under the wrong impression of employment and immigration for their children, which never happened. The court ordered to pay back the fifty thousand dollars that the defrauded from Ontario Works. Domotor was sentenced to serve six years plus an extra twenty-four months after pleading guilty. Csaszar had already served eleven months in pretrial custody and ruled to be deported after pleading guilty. A total of eight pleaded guilty for all the human trafficking accusations.

This case is an international concern because on an international level people are being deceived into leaving their native countries in search for some sort of employment or a better life but they are finding themselves exploited and abused. Since these victims are unaware of their rights and freedoms they would not be able to report the mistreatment. This violates Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms because the victims...
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