Human Right and Human Development in Pakistan

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  • Published: December 27, 2012
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Human rights are the rights possessed by all persons as human beings.We as a human being deserve human rights. Human rights include economic, social and cultural rights as well as civil and political freedom. Universal human rights are assured by making different laws, policies and making efforts on national and international level .but because of unlimited wants and growing international, national and regional inequalities, there is a need to realize that human rights are very important for the human development. Human development is indicated by the facilities provided to the people by the authorities such as education, health, freedom etc. These all are human rights. So, we can say human rights and human development are mutually essential. Withoutgiving human rights human development is not possible .right based development is the need of the need of the world. OBJECTIVES

* Our objective is to throw light on the fact that human rights and human development is mutually essential. * We come to know about the impact of human rights on human development. * We also come across the human rights violation in Pakistan. * We also discuss the steps which are taken on national and international level to secure human rights and get human development. * Our objective is to through light on the problems which are faced by Pakistan in implementing policies related to human rights. Human right and human development policies on international level * UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS:

After the Second World War and its severe results had attracted the attention of the countries of the world. There was need arises to make a draft to stop tyranny and human right violation and remove biasness. United nation general assembly had formed a committee under the supervision of ELEANOR ROOSEVELT. Their duty was to make a draft that consists on the list of basic human right s which is recognized by the world. And its major task was to bring a draft...
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