Human Resourse Management in Pakistan

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(Major Human recourses challenges in Pakistan public health system, Human Recourse system policies and ways to address those challenges)
Human resources are the heart of the health system and health care managers have a critical role in determination of performance of the system [1]. Our savings and investment level can be raised only when we are in a position to convert our unproductive and underutilized human and natural resources into dynamic and self-sustained capital and potential accelerator of economic growth. The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined the health workforce as “all people primarily engaged in actions with the primary intent of enhancing health”. This definition is consistent with the WHO definition of health systems as comprising all activities with the primary goal of improving health. The health workforce is one of the most important pillars of the health system. Adequate numbers and quality of health workers have been positively associated with successful implementation of health interventions, including immunization coverage, outreach of primary care, and infant, child and maternal survival. [2]

Human Resource Management is a key to improve productivity of people in the organization. Good Human resource management approach with strategic, ethical and social responsibility which further help to achieve organization goal and objectives. Human Resource management is an art to transform changes as employee commitment and opportunity through developing their knowledge & skills and motivating them.

In developing country human resource players are considered necessary since they can serve as intellect of an organization. A loyal, dedicated, skilled, efficient and productive human resources is valuable assets of an organization but not reflected on the balance sheet. [3]

Pakistan story
In 1947, Pakistan was created as British rule came to an end in India. In 1971, East Pakistan demanded independence, and after a bloody civil war it was transformed into what is now the country of Bangladesh. As one of the most crowded countries in the world, Pakistan faces enormous economic and social crises. Fortunately, however, it possesses an abundance of natural resources that can help it overcome these challenges [4]

Pakistan is blessed with huge natural and human resources but most of these are in crude form. “According to official data, there are 127,859 doctors and 12,804 health facilities in the country to cater for over 170 million people.” [5] “Infant mortality rate: 72/1,000 live birth, Maternal mortality rate: 260/100,000 live birth instead having 7.8 Physicians/10,000 population, 3.8 Nurses and midwifes/10,000 population; overall 11.6 Health care workforce /10,000 population in the country” [6]

In Pakistan the health system remains functionally weak and the quality of health services is poor, despite very old constitutional support for health care as a right and a large Ministry of Health at federal and provincial levels [7, 8]. In Pakistan health sector performance has not been evaluated in terms of inputs, processes or activities and outputs for different types of resources including human resources. Very little is known about compositions of health managers, their skills, and training, and spec ifically the policy for deployment.

The first and foremost prerequisite for human resources progress is the proper attention to the health sector. No nation can dream of acquiring preeminence in any field with sick and disabled persons so developed nations invest quite a hefty amount in their health sector. In Pakistan, unfortunately, due attention is not paid to this important sector.

Human resources for health have recently been emphasized as a central component in providing a stronger health system to achieve the Millennium Development Goals [9]. Absence or nonimplementation of appropriate human resource policies that address appropriate...
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