Human Resources Internship

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Internship Experience Reflection

Huiran Mu

Elmhurst College

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Expectations 4
Prior to Internship4
Beyond My Expectations5

Selection Process5
General Process5
Screening Resumes6
Importance of determining personality traits and Organizational Citizenship Behaciors (OCBs) during selection process6 Selection Decisions8
Difficulties Encourtered9

Job Description Development11
MQ Development12
Validity and Reliability Concern13

Difficulties Encountered During Internship14

What I learned From the Internship16


Reference List19


This paper talks about my internship experience with Maryville Academy-Scott Nolan Center, where I supported the HR department and organizational initiatives. Scott Nolan Center provides therapy and support for children in need of acute psychiatric care. During my internship, I gained knowledge and skills in recruiting processes including resume screening, conducting interviews, and preparing new-hiring documents. In addition to these HR activities I also helped develope several job descriptions and gained knowledge of workers’ compensation forms and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). I learned concepts of these legal forms and how to file them at work. My problem-solving skills and presentation skills were improved during the internship.


I applied for the Human Resources internship at Maryville Academy-Scott Nolan Center through the website During my internship with Maryville Academy-Scott Nolan Center, I supported the HR department and organizational initiatives. My responsibilities with recruiting initiatives included initial resume screening and on-boarding. Positions I screened for included but were not limited to mental health counselor, staff nurse, utility manager and receptionist. I also supported administrative aspects such as filing, data entry, and HRIS maintenance. Since the Scott Nolan Center is in a transitional period, I helped develop several job descriptions. From the human resources perspective, I did payroll and disciplinary action forms, as well as legal documents such as FMLA. I completed 432 hours of the Maryville Human Resources Internship Program.

Prior to Internship
Before the internship started, I had an interview with my Human Resources manager to discuss my expectations as well as her expectations for this internship. I expected to get involved with daily Human Resources functions. I expected to be working in a fast-paced organization. Also, I expected a certain amount of training since I did not have any relevant experience prior to the internship. One other thing I was concerned with was that there might be a difference when recruiting for non-profit organizations compared to for-profit organizations. I thought recruiters would pay attention to some unique personalities or rules when they screened qualified applicants. For instance, some for-profit organizations might focus on people who have the required skills, such as sales skills, customer service skills and presentation skills. For this particular non-profit organization, I would pay more attention to personality traits, such as openness and agreeableness. Beyond My Expectations

Beyond my expectations, I learned that every organization has its unique culture. It does not matter if it is profit or non-profit. Some organizations focus on employees’ training and development, while other organizations focus on select candidates who have certain minimum skills before they can be hired. These employees require little training and development. The organization I worked for is a children’s psychiatric hospital. Its patients are youths who are suicidal or suffered from sexual...
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