Human Resource Project on Ali Akbar

Topics: Human resource management, Organizational studies and human resource management, Organization Pages: 18 (5379 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Managing Human Capital
Final Project Report

Submitted to:
Mr. Khurram Shahzad

Submitted by:
Saboor Ahmed (094005024)
Fakhar Tayyab(094005021)
Zayed Saleem(094005051)
Date: 21-05-2012
Table of Content:
Executive Summary:3
Nature & Scope of the Final Project:6
Objectives of the project6
Strategic Thinking:7
Strategic Human Resource Management:7
Organizational Performance:8
Job Satisfaction:9
Introduction of the Companies:11
Sammi Daewoo:11
Ali Akbar (pvt) (ltd):11
Graphical Representation of Companies and their Results12
With Respect to HR Managers12
With Respect to Managers/Hod’s15
With respect to Executives:18
Interview HR Manager of Company A:21
Interview HR Manager of Company B:23
Discussion and Conclusion:25

Executive Summary:
This project is being given our respected resource person Mr. khuram Shazad. He has given us the background of SHRM that how difficult it’s in Pakistan to establish. He has given us the outline of the project that how to do this project and given us all necessary help to conduct In this final project we have visited two organizations for analyzing the SHRM policies in them. Both companies belong to the different industry and both are well known in their fields. For these objectives we have use the questionnaire and interview to collect the data. We have collected data from head of department of human resource and from three other departments HOD’s. By doing this project we learned about the companies SHRM policies their employees satisfaction and the way human resource department take them on board for making policies. The result of the questionnaire are being entered in the excel sheet to give them the graphical representation so that it could be easy to analyze. We have also read some literature on the given topic and have shown there finding in the project. The relationship is given to explain the result of the implementation of the policies. At the end of the project we have given the views under the light of articles and the knowledge that is being provided by our respected resource person. That at what level these two organization stand.

For this research, we have officially visited two companies which are located here in Lahore. The basic purpose of visiting these two firms was to make the research more qualitative and concept building. Two companies that we visited are Company A, which is a service provider to local citizens of Lahore and other areas across Pakistan. The Company B that we have chosen is pesticide manufacturing company. Our basic impact was to focus on the HR department. The HR policies are taken into consideration for this research. As our teacher; Mr. Khurram Shahzad, taught us about the HR policies and their importance on the development of the firm. We were required to find out the impact of HR policies on the selected firms. We observed various variables which were indicating the level of HR policies implemented in these firms. The results could be seen with the help of different variables such as job satisfaction of employees working at different departments of the firm. Excellent management could be observed from the HR policies. Strategic thinking was also seen as an outcome of good HR policies that were implemented in the organization as they can easily forecast the problems that they could face in the near future or in the long run. The head of the HR department was very much keen to make sure the check and balance on the maintenance of other departments which could help in increasing organizational productivity. The variables like organizational productivity and job satisfaction are the basic elements to find out whether the HR policies are properly implemented in the firm or not. We also looked in the training sessions that were being offered to the employees of other...
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