Human Resource Management

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Course: Human Resource

Submitted to: Ms. Saima Waleed

Submitted By: Muhammad Naeem Sharif (GL)
Soban Ahmed
Atif Ali Khan
Adil Qamar Sultan
Hasan Ali
Moazzam Ali
Adeel Ellahi


We are thankful to Almighty Allah for his blessings, we’re grateful to the Manager HR & HR Staff of Atlas Honda company, for their guidance & support. We are extremely thankful to Ms. Saima Waleed and the management of IB&M UET Lahore their continued guidance without their assistance; we could not have made it to the end. We also owe debt to our friends, for their help; to our parents for their prayers; our siblings for bearing us till the time of submission of the project.

Yusuf H. Shirazi
Founder & Chairman
Atlas Group of Companies
Executive Summary

Atlas Honda is the largest and leading engineering company of Atlas Group. Company has yet enjoyed highest market-share of its products i.e., motorcycles. CEO is trying to build the organization on 7S bases that is Strategy, Structure, System, Staff, Skill, Style and Share values. Company has very clear vision and purpose upon which formulated firm strategy consists of; build the dealers’ network, increase the customer values, improve cost structure and improve assets utilization. Its large organization structures are designed to achieve strategic objectives and goal of the company. However in pursuit of its strategic goals, management has to take further measures i.e., with the help of recently installed ERP system, company can benefit by bringing customer touch point at point of sale and service and can develop customer relation management system to support its strategic component of increasing customer value. In “Revenue Growth” strategic activity, company is lacking in the credit market coverage. Specific responsibility of credit services should be given with new portfolio in organization structure. Although present vertical organization system is well defined, however to further improve cost structure, horizontal coordination improvement will play a vital role. Moreover manufacturing processes duplication and plants capacities under utilization is big question mark for top management to be addressed strongly and instantly. Its reward system is fairly linked with performance but difference among rating need to be re evaluated otherwise company has to face the drain of intellectual capital.

What is Honda?

Honda is an entity that realizes the dreams of individuals and spreads joy to people. Honda's philosophy, unique corporate culture, pursuit of challenges that fulfill individuals' dreams and variety of products and activities born of challenges will remain the foundation of the Honda brand. We will continue building on our history of realizing people's dreams.

Atlas Group Profile

Atlas Group came into being in 1962 with the establishment of Shirazi Investments Limited utilizing a capital of half a million rupees and three men doing business in trading shares and real estate. Initially, the Group believed in “small is beautiful” i.e. keeping it small but well managed which was achieved quite admirably. Two decades later, when the next generation of entrepreneurs joined, they decided to flourish the Group to become one of the best in all respects of management, if not the best. Since then Group has been accomplishing this objective quite remarkably with an emphasis on economy of scale and scope. The Atlas Group deals in engineering, financial services, trading, power products and oil lubricants. It consists of seven public limited companies listed in all the stock exchanges in Pakistan, and four are private limited companies. The Group employees over 5,000 men and has equity...
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