Human Resource Development in Pakistan

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  • Published: October 25, 2010
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Dr. Nasim Ashraf
This paper explores the challenges posed in the area of human development in Pakistan. Pakistan has made little progress in key indicators of human development - education and health - due to years of neglect in policy making and implementation issues. Based on available data, it is highlighted that despite achieving a respectable growth rate, Pakistan has not been able to reduce poverty as other nations have (with similar or even lower levels of GDP per capita). Poor human development has also hampered economic growth. The paper brings out the principal challenges of human resource development in Pakistan, which are mainly the untrained, unskilled and uneducated workforce with low productivity perpetuated by rising population, which is unsuited to the demands of globalization and the ‘new’ economy. Finally, the paper discusses the integrated approach adopted by the government which is likely to improve the human resources and make poverty alleviation a reality in Pakistan. KEY WORDS: human resource; human development; poverty; Pakistan INTRODUCTION

Human resource is a combination of the education, training and motivation embodied in people. Human resource development is the primary factor that influences the direction and pace of socio-economic development in any country. The real wealth of a country is its human capital – its people. Without creating the critical mass of a qualitative human resource, a country cannot sustain a high growth rate. It is the quality of education that enables a country to make full use of its manpower for development. Human development is simply “a process of enlarging people’s choices[i]” and aims at creating an environment in which people can utilize their potential to the maximum and become more productive. Nexus between Human Development and Security

It is important to note that human security is directly...
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