Human Relations

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  • Published : February 27, 2011
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* Within the business organization, it promotes pleasant and productive working relationships among employees. * Misconceptions about HR
* 1. Human relations are merely a “common sense”.
* 2. “Nice Guy” Philosophy
* 3. Human relations weaken management authority and obstruct production. * 4. Human relations weaken unions.
* 5. Human relations can be used to manipulate people.
* 6. Human relations is merely for people at the bottom of the organizational chart. * What is Human Relations?
* The interaction of people in all types of endeavor, in business, government, social clubs, schools, and homes. * Human relation is not about “conformity”, or “going along with”, or a kind of “pakikisama.” * Davis defines HR as the “development of productive, satisfying group effort.” * Also defined as “the process of interaction between two or more persons during which atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding is created.” * What kind of Persons Do People Like

* A person who is thoughtful and kind contributes to the social being of others; he/she is also a pleasant person to be with. * Problems of HR In Business Industry
* 1. Problems between management and labor.
* 2. Problems related to employee and employers.
* 3. Problems related to the public.
* Relationships With Customers
* Fundamental to the success of any program for improving customer relations is the recognition by the management of a business organization, of an obligation to serve the people from whom it derive its profits. The success of the business in this way, the necessity of establishing and maintaining good customer relations takes an even greater importance. * Techniques for Improving Relationships with Customers

* 1. Improve understanding of human behavior.
* 2. Show sincerity interest in the customer and his problem. * 3. Deal appropriately with the dissatisfied customer.
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