Huffman Trucking

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Huffman Trucking Infrastructure Assessment
Huffman Trucking is first major freight carrier that has managed to grow tremendously over the past few years (Huffman Trucking, 2008). The company has 925 drivers, 425 support personnel, 800 road tractors, and 2100 trailers. The organization offers various customers base and distribution capacity. The mission of Huffman Trucking is to increase the profit and become a growing, and adaptable company. Huffman Trucking plans to leverage the automated information system, and technology to provide better customer service and business performance. Information System Infrastructure

Huffman Trucking is a major transportation company that has four facilities around the country. The organization anticipated that knowledge worker information systems infrastructure requires improvement and to solve this problem, organization implemented enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The infrastructure of Huffman Trucking is as follows: Networks

The corporate office of Huffman Trucking is in Cleveland, Ohio. The organization uses Avaya Digital Phone System at Ohio and Missouri locations, and private branch exchange (PBX) and plain old telephone system (POTS) at New Jersey and California locations. The organization uses different workstations with wireless bar code, scanner, shipper, and telephone at Ohio. The location at California uses Nortel Digital Phone System that supports voice overIP (VOIP) connected to an Ethernet connection. The use of Avaya phone is very beneficial for small and mid-sized organizations (Caroll Communications, 2008). Network Protocols and Topologies

Huffman Trucking uses different network protocols, to send and receive data, like IPX/SPX, and TCP/IP. Huffman Trucking employs star-ring topology, and token ring topology. The existing infrastructure of Huffman Trucking includes mix of networks. The organization implements local area network (LAN), and wide area network (WAN). The four locations...
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