Kirk Samuda, Detailed Analysis of Huffman Trucking

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Kirk Samuda, Dip. MIS, BSc. It, MBA

Huffman Trucking Paper
Kirk Samuda|
Foley Belshaw Institute / Foley Belshaw University
August 26, 2007


I observed while performing a detailed analysis of Huffman’s Trucking ERP, that various Operating Systems (OS) were used throughout the entire company. To understand the position of the company in choosing to keep all these OS, it is important that they are listed and described individually so as to outline their purpose and future implications. The following is a list of all the OS used by this company.

a) Novell 5.1 NDS Server(b) Windows 2000 Server(c)Windows Exchange

d) Windows Web Server(e) System 7, Mac OS(f)Windows 3x, 9x

g) Windows XP Professional

What is Novell 5.1 NDS Server?

David Weedmark
David Weedmark's articles have appeared in dozens of publications since 1989, including "The Windsor Star" and "The Ottawa Citizen." As well as being a technology consultant, he is the author of several books, including "The Tanglewood Murders." Weedmark studied English at the University of Toronto. According to David Weedmark, of, Novell 5.1 NDS is a version of Novell's Netware file server that uses Netware Directory Services for network organization and management, similar to Microsoft Server's Active Directory. NDS defines the roles of different components in the network and permissions of users within the network to use them. NDS uses a hierarchical structure to organize all aspects of computer network, including users, groups, computers, servers and printers. (David Weedmark, eHow Contributor, last updated December 29, 2011)

What is Windows 2000 Server?
Windows 2000 Server provides the ease of administration, reliability, and scalability needed by any business. This edition is bundled with the new Internet Information Server (IIS) 5.0 and contains built-in support for up to four CPUs. With a wide variety of new server technologies and...
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