Riordan Manufacturing Wan and Legacy

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  • Published : January 28, 2007
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Riordan Manufacturing: WAN and Legacy transition problems

University of Phoenix
NCT520- Networking Management

Riordan Manufacturing: WAN and Legacy transition problems
Riordan Manufacturing's network configuration consists of infrastructure within four locations. The headquarters is in San Jose, CA and the other three are in remote in Albany GA, Pontiac MI, and Hangzhou, China. The investigation and detail required to demonstrate transition of WAN from Legacy to current design shows sources for which any problems may exist. Contributing information about the WAN includes the VoIP data router, satellite between headquarters and China, and T-1 connections between headquarters to both Georgia and Michigan.

Many new technologies are available to help propel a business forward including Riordan. Many consider VoIP to be a new technology that has provided new uses for telephone systems. It has seen much technological advancement since its inception. In the past, one gave little consideration to transporting voice over data circuits. One currently treats voice traffic, because of its high growth rate, as an important application to be given special consideration. VoIP is a natural progression and has changed how consumers and business use the telephone system. (, 2006).

The voice switches allow connection to analog lines providing a 10/100 Base Twisted Pair (TP) Ethernet connection. With the addition of a VoIP switch, the telephone system provides private dialing, caller id, interoperability with other VoIP systems, and the ability to manage the telephone system over the Internet using a web browser. Features provided with VoIP switch include Quality of Service (QOS), network support, and line trunk group capability. Some of the benefits include interoperability with other networks, scalability to larger networks, and flexibility to allow use of incoming and outgoing trunks. VoIP systems implementation challenges consist of interoperability between...
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