Hue City

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1. Basic information
Area: lt has the natural area of 5,053.9 square meters spread in the long and narrow land, with the average width of 60 km and the length of 127 km. It is along the direction of North West - South East parallel with the coast, with various terrains of mountains, hills, coastal plains and lagoons. 2. Location

a.Geography location
Locates in the North Central Coast of Vietnam, approximately in the center of the country at latitude of 16-16°8'N and longitude 107°8'-108°2'E. Borders Quang Tri Province to the north and Da Nang City to the south, Laos to the west and the South China Sea to the east. The province has 128 km of coastline, 22,000 ha of lagoons and over 200,000 hectares of forest.

b.Administrative Division
Thua Thien-Hue is divided into eight districts:
• A Luoi
• Huong Thuy
• Huong Tra
• Nam Dong
• Phong Dien
• Phu Loc
• Phu Vang
• Quang Dien
The capital city of Hue is its own municipality.
Hue comprises 27 administrative divisions, including 27 urban wards: • An Cuu
• An Dong
• An Hoa
• An Tay
• Huong So
• Kim Long
• Phu Binh
• Phu Cat
• Phu Hau
• Phu Hiep
• Phu Hoa
• Phu Hoi
• Phu Nhuan
• Phu Thuan
• Phuoc Vinh
• Phuong Duc
• Tay Loc
• Thuan Hoa
• Thuan Loc
• Thuan Thanh
• Truong An
• Vinh Ninh
• Vy Da
• Xuan Phu
• Huong Long
• Thuy Bieu

• Thuy Xuan
3. Geography Patterns

The province has a complex topography. It is made up four different zones: a mountainous area, hills, plains and lagoons separated from the sea by sandbanks. The terrain gets lower in the east, of which the west is mainly hills with the most height of less 500m and main features of wide top, slope side, mostly hundreds width ''bowl-shaped'' hills. The large rivers' basins create downwraping including narrow coastal plain covering the lagoon area of 22,000 ha, such as Tam Giang, Ha Trung and Cau Hai lagoons, An Cu area and three gates to the sea: Thuan An, Tu Hien and Lang Co. In the plain, the terrain is 5m - 30m long sand-banks parallel with the coast.

The mountains, covering more than half the total surface of the province, are along the west and southwest border of the province, their height varying from 500 to 1480 meters. The hills are lower, between 20 to 200 meters, with some points at 400 meters, and occupy a third of the area of the province, between the mountains and the plains. The plains account for about a tenth of the surface area, with a height of only up to 20 meters above sea level. Between the hills are the lagoons which occupy the remaining 5 percent of the surface area of the province.

• Bach Ma Mountain

Location: Bach Ma (White Horse) Mountain is located in Phu Loc District, 60km from the south of Hue City.

Characteristic: It is about 1,450m above sea level in a transition zone of the northern and southern climate, so it bears a temperate climate, similar to SaPa, Tam Dao, Da Lat, etc.

The green vegetation is abundant all the year round. The animals are also rich with chirps and calls all days and nights which sound both wild and familiar... Bach Ma Mount also has many limpid brooks and picturesque waterfalls. At the 16th kilometer on Cau Hai - Bach Ma road, turning left and walk for 20 to 30 minutes, tourists will also find 400m high, 20m wide Do Quyen Waterfall which suddenly appears as if it were suspended in the sky... In the summer, rhododendron flowers are blooming on both sides of the fall like two huge flowery silk carpets. In the centre of the resort is Bac (Silver) Waterfall, only 10m high and 40m wide and look like a spotless white curtain swayed by the wind.

More than half a century ago, the French recognized the beauty of Bach Ma and began to develop it. Within 5 years (1942-1946), 139 villas...
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