Production Patterns

Topics: Developed country, Cyprus, Human Development Index Pages: 3 (397 words) Published: March 11, 2012
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Production Patterns in Less and More Developed Countries Worksheet

• Select a less developed country and a more developed country with faculty approval. You must choose countries other than the United States and China. • Research the basic economic production patterns of the two countries you have selected and complete the chart below. • Answer the follow-up question at the end of the chart and cite your references for your country information.

| |Less Developed Country |More Developed Country | | |Haiti |Japan | |Geography—natural resources, and so forth |Haiti is has a cresent shape with two | | | |peninsulas which forn the Gulf of Gonave, | | | |Its natural resources consists of bauxite, | | | |manganeses, marble, coal, and limestone. | | | |The country used to be covered in tropical | | | |and semitropical rainforest in the 1400’s | | | |but has suffered from deforestation over | | | |the centuries. | | |Climate—arid, tropical, and so forth | | | |...
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