Huawei Culture

Topics: Ren Zhengfei Pages: 4 (1284 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Huawei “wolf-sheep”
“Wolf culture” contributes to Huawei’s success. However, absolute “Wolf” may cause trouble at the same time. Like the saying “every coin has two sides”, the glorious culture and tradition of Huawei still have some sad effects. “Sheep culture” on the other side, represent gentle and sedulous. It may not as strong and fast as “Wolf”, but its sense of soft is more warm and humanistic. As a Chinese traditional value of “Zhongyong”, the Doctrine of the Mean delivers,one should try to maintain balance and harmony from directing the mind to a state of constant equilibrium. This concept here represents moderation in business competition both within the organization and with other companies. Here we take a careful look at Huawei’s “Wolf culture” deficiency and what they did to improve. Detailed characteristics of the “wolf culture” and their flaws (1)Mattress culture

The well-known “mattress” culture encourages employees to work overtime. However this tradition is not suitable for a established company expanding overseas. (2)Staff(work) number culture
Everyone in Huawei has a staff number including Ren himself. People use this to recognize positions of each other and treat them differently in work. This culture builds a rigid class concept within the company and brought some harms. (3)Strict discipline

The so-called “basic law” and other strict rules raise a great spiritual pressure and rational tension among employees. They are all overwhelming and anxious everyday. (4)Military management
This management method forced the entire enterprise full of a sense of crisis and preventive psychology. There are endless battles in front of everyone and employees could never rest their nerves. (5)Culture brainwashing

By inculcating the company’s value in every minute of the employee’s life, Huawei had successfully constraints employees’ personalities. Joining Huawei is like entering into a fixed model, whether you become one of them, or you may...
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