Role and Functions of Law

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Role and Functions of Law


October 13, 2012
Professor A. Filidoro, Jr.

Role and Functions in Law

What is law? Law is a system of guidelines and rules that have been set in place to maintain order and conduct. In order to be successful in society or a business the Law plays a significant role in regulating behavior whether in school, home or work. This paper will discuss the functions and role of law in society as well as business, along with the functions and role of law in the Healthcare industry of which I’ve been a part of thru employment for the past 23 years. Functions and Role of Law in Business and Society

Whether in Business or Society, the functions and role of law, serves the same purpose, to peacefully resolve disputes, maintain control over a situation, as well as to protect. In businesses, whether corporate America or a family owned business the employees consist of a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and cultures with their own cultural beliefs. With Such a diverse group of individuals there is bound to be conflict not just with the employees but management as well. In businesses there are unethical acts that take place, however, some rules are violated unknowingly, not because the individual is unethical, it is simply because they did not know what the rules were. One way to make sure the Laws are enforced, and the business is in compliance is for Management to go thru training not only to learn the law which are known as policy and procedures and to teach the law but also to be able to handle certain situations that could possibly create a lawsuit such as sexual harassment issues, inappropriate language, misuse of the company’s equipment and/or confidential information Functions and Role of Law Healthcare

Being in healthcare for over twenty three years, there are many laws that exist, one that stands out is the Health Insurance Portability Act of 1996 (HIPPA). HIPPA protects...
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