Club Chaos - Executive Summary

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  • Published : September 24, 2011
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Executive Summary
Case Study: Club Chaos

There were several management issues at play with Club Chaos that lead to the recent failures for the organization. As a result of these immediate issues the company suffers the consequences and ultimately affected the performance of the organization as a whole and the value placed in the organization by its customers.

One key component to the poor management of the club was the lack of experience and knowledge in the senior managers. When looking at the General Manager Antonio, and the newly appointed clubhouse manager Rocco, we reflect on employees with very little formal training in management, poor leadership skills and what appears to be a low level of conscious behaviour when leading the teams or by using the facilities themselves with little regard to the examples they are setting for their employees.

When looking at the overall management of the departments, the departure of Cathy was a great downfall to the company. Cathy displayed exceptional management potential and was responsible for a department that was very well run. A manager is responsible for identifying the key performance players in their organization and ensuring that they are rewarded for their performance. Instead, Cathy left the organization without any attempts to retain her or understand why she had left.

In addition, the use of negative reinforcement relating to the loss of merchandise was ultimately enforced to late to make a difference. The use of positive reinforcements, such as bonuses, performance incentives, positive verbal communications, help to ensure a productive organization. As well, this positive behaviour from a manager will help to increase employee loyalty. The only way to make this work is to start by firing the manager. This will shows the employees that the behaviour was wrong and not becoming of the company. The key to turning this situation around is a well tuned management plan. This will include hiring...
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