Hsm210 Week 8

Topics: Bachelor's degree, Thought, Psychology Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: March 23, 2013
I would like to start my Human Service work in a counseling position. I am a very good listener. I have people that love to come and talk to me about their problems or situations. I also help them to find better ways to express their thoughts and emotions when solving their problems. I am studying for my Associate Degree in Human Service at University of Phoenix. I chose this field because of a personal life experience I had at the age of nine. I also feel that I have the right attitude and personality for a counseling job. I am compassionate toward others and have empathy toward their problems. I know that these situations happen to the best of us. I am able to connect with others even if their experiences and mine differ greatly. I appreciate their own value in life and want to help them to overcome obstacles they encounter. I am tolerant of other’s view (and this was learned with life’s experience) and I am willing to share my own experiences to help other people be more comfortable with their own situation. I am generally very accepting of others and friendly toward people. I want to start by interning at Georgia’s Department of human resource in Atlanta to get the feel of the positions that I will be applying for in 2014. This internship will allow me to work directly with Social Workers, Case Managers and Therapists. I will put my positive personality and style to work for these companies and organizations by giving them a person that loves helping people. I have not met my qualifications of the jobs that I am applying for, so the experience I get will help greatly when I graduate in October 2013. I plan on continuing my education after I graduate and aim to get my Bachelor’s Degree, I understand that the Associate Degree may be me in the door, but a BA will keep me. I want to work in a team of faculty and employers and feel that I can help such a group increase their sense of community. I have even thought about going back to my hometown and helping my...
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