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Answer only two (2) of the following essay questions (up to 5 points each). Direct, succinct answers are expected. Key words, not the amount of verbiage, count the most. Bullet statements are OK. You will be graded on content. Use knowledge from text, handouts, articles or lecture. Do not answer more than 2 essays. Cite main source of material – but no References page required.

1. Explain the Performance Management system, its main purpose and key components

2. Explain the three areas of a needs assessment – as it used to decide if training is the proper approach to an issue, problem – or new program – and what type of training is best.

The three areas of training needs assessment are as follows: Occupational assessment(examines skills, abilities and knowledge that is needed to execute success in occupational groups) organizational assessment(determines level of organization within a specific division of a company), and individual assessment(determines whether the level of expertise of a single person are up to par for the job title they hold.)

3. In your opinion, and use of our text - what is HRM’s role as a strategic partner in an organization? Include several duties and decisions HRM would make in strategy.(NOT about HRM functions) Provide one example.

4. In your opinion - what is the most important Employment law passed - and why?

I believe the most important employment law is the equal pay act of 1963. This law ensures that pay is equal between two employees regardless of gender, race or any other physical attribute not pertaining to the job. I believe this law to be the most important not only in the field of employment but also for civil rights.As it let the American people know that they were equally compensated in the work place and that no one is beneath another.
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