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Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Human resource policies Pages: 50 (16722 words) Published: July 22, 2011
Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 Rationale for the research

* The most important rationale behind conducting the research is to fulfil the requirement of the degree requirement. This certainly is import to fulfil the part in order to obtain the degree. * The methodology chapter contains the discussion about the methodology adapted during the research process. The adapted methodology adapted on the rationale ground. First the research topic was carefully and analytically chosen. The selection of topic was the rationale decision due to two basic reasons. First reason was that the information available on the topic is excessive and vast quantity. The secondary information is readily available in the libraries, internet, Tescos head office, blogs and journals. The second reason for the selection of topic was the access to the management of Tesco’s. The access becomes barrier in most of the selection and the topic. Therefore the rationale decision was taken to consider the topic which for the information resources could be available in the sufficient quantity.

* The deeper study of theoretical aspects can provide the inner insight, enlightened through the theoretical ground but provision of practical hands on the experience is certainly a process to testify the theoretical concepts on the realistic grounds. Therefore this was obvious rationale to select a prestigious organization that actually practically applying all the theories on the practical grounds every day basis.

* The reasons behind the selection of Tesco’s were obvious because the company operates successfully and have branches scatter on different locations. Thus this provides an ease to reach the branches for the research purpose

* The second rationale was that the organizations is large therefore there is so much opportunity to learn more things and obtain more experience

* The employees are quite friendly that helps out every one whoever conducts the research. This is unlike many other organizations that either doesn’t cooperate in the research process or they deny rendering the permission to research in the organization.

* The major rationale was the promise of information. The Tesco’s Manager promised to provide the information regarding the topics and will help in conducting primary research.

1.2 Aims and Objectives

* The major aim behind this research is to qualify theoretical knowledge on the basis of realistic and practical approach that how successfully Tesco’s following the HR policies in order to gain success. * Another important aim is to understand the flaws and strengths in the Tesco’s HR policies. * To find out if the HR policies have helped Tesco’s to gain competitive advantage. * Are human resources working efficiently to gain the objectives? * To investigate the culture in the organization and how it works for employees. * To find out the reasons for motivations at Tesco and how employees are motivated to work. To elaborate on the motivational reasons that organization may follow in order to gain more performance.

1.3 Research Layout

Chapter one Introduction
This chapter includes general information about the company. This is further separates into the parts such as Introduction to company, Introduction to Tesco’s HR policies.

Chapter two Literature Review

This chapter carries out in-depth research process that highlight the company’s human resource policies. The strategies of HR department and their implementation is explored and discussed. Further down this chapter highlight the importance of Motivation factors and how well practically those factors provide the benefit to the organization. the discussion goes on to the topics such as corporate social responsibility and ethics, organization’s environment, strategies and challenges, agent of change, competitive advantage, demographic changes and global changes and the...
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