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Topics: Tesco, Bank, Financial services Pages: 28 (8184 words) Published: November 20, 2011
NCC Education – PgD in Strategic Business Information Technology

Strategic Business Analysis Assignment
(June 2009)


Candidate: Akram, Mohammed.
NCC Student Number: 2005864


1. Introduction4
1. Food Retail Business of Tesco4
2. Strategy of Tesco to enter the Personal Finance Market6 3. Comparative Study on Tesco’s Personal Finance & Sainsbury’s J6

2. Tesco Personal Finance7
1. Tesco Personal Finance – Market Strategy9
2. Tesco’s buyout of the RBS Stake and the situation surrounding this10 3. Products introduced after buyout of RBS Stake – 200810

3. Consumer Basic Bank Accounts: A Strategic Decision 11

4. Strategy for Tesco’s success & Conclusion12


5. SWOT Analysis – TESCO PLC.14
1. Strengths16
2. Weaknesses18
3. Opportunities19
4. Threats20

6. SWOT Analysis for strengthing Tesco’s Finance Venture & Tesco’s Resources and capabilities21 1. Analysis Strengths to be used in Tesco Finance Venture21

7. Present UK., Consumer Banking System & Competitive Market Level22 1. Competition in the Finance Industry & Conclusion.23


8.Tesco’s presence in the Irish Market25
8.1 Market strategy & positioning25
8.2 Threats from Competitors- Their Strengths & Weaknesses26 8.3 Competitors Strengths27
8.4 Competitors Weaknesses27

9.Strategy needed to continue successfully in Irish Market28 9.1 Present strategy adopted by Tesco28

10. Analysis of Tesco’s success & Conclusion.30




This assignment focuses on Tesco within UK and Internationally. First task focuses on Tesco UK and its origin. It also focuses on its success in the UK retail and non retail market and its strategies implemented to succeed. Following this, Task two focuses on SWOT analysis and details the market strength that it needs to apply to succeed in the financial sector with also providing details on the competitive level existing in the financial market within the UK. Finally, Task 3 details Globalisation and Internationalisation for Tesco, which provides the market trends and position Tesco holds in Ireland, its strategies to succeed.


1. Introduction

In this chapter three important points are discussed

1. Food Retail Business of Tesco:
Tesco is the UK based Supermarket chain and one of the largest food retailers in the world and is operating around 3,728 stores and employing over 440,000 (+) people. As well as operating in the UK, it has stores in the rest of Europe, Asia & the recent entry into U.S market with stores in 13 International Market. It is graded as the Third Largest grocery retailer in the world and have a Group sale of ₤51.8bn. It also provides online services through its website, It sells over 40,000 food products around supermarkets; it also sells clothing and other non-food products. The UK businesses remain their core market. Tesco’s focused strategy of proving exceptional value and choice for customer, ensure that they continue to grow market share. (, Tesco Plc Overview, 2009)

Tesco was initially started in London’s East End around 1919 and was founded by Jack Cohen, son of a polish Jewish Tailor. He sold groceries in the markets of East End. Tesco’s brand first appeared in 1924. “The name derived after Jack Cohen bought a large shipment of tea of T.E. Stockwell , formerly known as Messrs Torring and Stockwell of Mincing Lane, he made new labels by using the first 3 letters of a supplier's name and the first 2 letters of his surname forming the word ‘TESCO’.” (, Tesco Plc Overview, 2009) Tesco’s growth in...
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