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Topics: Occupational safety and health, Law, Occupational health psychology Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: April 13, 2013
HRM 107 Presentation – Friday 8pm
History and introduction

How would you like to know that the $125 shoes that you bought last month only cost $5 to make? Sweatshops, child labour and poor working conditions, these are the strong allegations that Nike Inc. has been blamed upon where lives are at risk, all for the production of sporty shoes and equipment

Nike since the early 1970’s has been accused many times for enacting unethical OHS matters in many of their factories worldwide, by opening and developing factories in developing countries such as China, Vietnam and Indonesia. The company once known as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964 created at the University of Oregon is now a multinational organisation that is the leader of athletic footwear and accessories now known as Nike. What o h and s is?

What is OH & S? OH&S stands for Occupational Health and Safety. It is basically a set of guidelines that employers must conform to in order to minimalize the dangers and risks of the workplace. The main focus of OH&S is on two different objectives:

* The maintenance and promotion of workers’ health and their working capacity. This involves organisations undertaking various strategies such as training programs and orientation days for new or developing employees in order to educate them in safe practices at the workplace. * The improvement of working environment and work to become conducive to safety and health. This includes things such as marking danger zones clearly, or wearing bright safety clothing or hard hats where appropriate.

There are three reasons occupational safety and health is a concern. That is: * There is a duty of reasonable care for an employer. It is unacceptable for a person to put the health and safety of another person at risk. * There are not only moral obligations being broken if OH&S guidelines are breached. In most cases, laws may be broken which could lead to prosecution of the employer or employee,...
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