Contemporary Issues in Human Resouce Management

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Occupational health psychology, Occupational Safety and Health Administration Pages: 16 (8129 words) Published: February 18, 2013


Executive Summary
This report is aimed at understanding whether managers should be imprisoned for violating occupational safety and health. To evaluate this topic, a thorough discussion on the core concepts of occupational safety and health has been explained along with its various components. Apart from that, the occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) of different companies has been looked into followed by the different kinds of violations that can occur within a workplace for which the employer can be sued and punished. A critical assessment provides a detail explanation on whether managers can be jailed for such offences which is followed by the role of the management and trade union towards occupational safety and health and a detailed recommendation on how such offences can be reduced and prevented in a working environment. This assignment will enable one to understand about the growth of occupational safety and health in a workplace and how important it is for companies to maintain and follow the rules and regulations that are laid down by the authorities.

Table of Contents
| | | Pages|
| | Table of Contents| 2|
| | List of Figures/Tables| 3|
| | Executive Summary| 4|
1| | Introduction| 5|
2| | Occupational Safety and Health| 5|
| 2.1| Occupational Safety and Health| 5|
| 2.2| Occupational Safety and Health Act| 6|
| 2.3| Types of Occupational Hazard| 7|
3| | Reasons Behind Work-Related Accidents| 8|
4| | OSHA and the World| 10|
| 4.1| OSHA in United Kingdom| 10|
| 4.2| OSHA in USA| 11|
| 4.3| OSHA in Canada| 12|
| 4.4| OSHA in India| 12|
| 4.5| Differences between the OSHA systems| 13|
5| | Types of Occupational Safety and Health Violations| 13| | 5.1 | Other than Serious Violations| 13|
| 5.2| Serious Violations| 14|
| 5.3| Willful Violations| 15|
| 5.4| Repeated Violations| 15|
| 5.5| Failure to Abate Prior Violations| 16|
| 5.6| De Minimis Violatios| 16|
| 5.7| Additional Violations| 16|
6| | Critical Assessment| 16|
7| | OSHA and Role of Management & Trade Union| 18| 8| | Case Study| 19|
9| | Conclusion and Recommendation| 20|
| | List of References| 21|
| | Bibliography| 25|

List of Figures
| | Pages|
Figure 1| Types of Hazards and Risks| 7|
Figure 2| Work Accident Rates| 8|
Figure 3| Number of Accidents due to Work Pressure| 9|

1. Introduction
Organisations are always working towards keeping the performance and motivational level of their workforce high. This can be achieved if the workforce is able to concentrate on their work. Thus, it is important for organisations to be aware whether their employees are healthy and fit since a fit body and a healthy mind creates a determined and hard-working workforce. According to the Health and Safety Executive Statistics of 2009-2010, 28.5 million days were lost in total within the time frame out of which 23.4 million were due to work-related ill health while the remaining 5.1 million were associated with workplace injury(HSE,2011). Compared to the statistics of 2008-2009, the number of days lost as a result of work-related ill health has decreased; while there has been a significant increase of around 0.5 million related to workplace injuries(HSE,2011). The purpose of this report is to evaluate whether management can be held responsible for the work places accidents and injuries since health and safety rules are being violated. To examine this issue, one needs to understand the meaning of occupational safety and health followed by the analysing the occupational safety and health act to assess whether managers can be proven guilty for their...
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