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  • Published : March 4, 2011
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Define HRM explain the difference between Personnel Management and HRM 1. (a) Describe Human Resources Management including its philosophy Objective, scope, role. (b) Define Human Relations describe their objectives, importance and ways to improve HR. 2. What are objectives, nature and Scope of HRM ? Explain . 3. Discuss the future trends and challenges of HRM.

4. Explain in detail the role and responsibilities of HR Manager in any organisation.
5. Discuss the rules and responsibilities of HR manager in context with global HRM 6. Discuss the role and responsibilities of HR manager in context with global HRM . 7. Explain the future trends and challenges of HRM.

8. Discuss the objectives of HRM and further explain the effects of globalizationOnHRM. 9. Define Human Resource Planning. Explain selection process in detail. 10. Define the term human resource planning. What are the challenges of HRM in today’s scenario ? 11. Define the term manpower planning. Elaborate its nature and importance. 12. what is manpower planning? Explain the process of Selection. 13. Explain ,What is man –power planning and discuss the process of selection 14. (a) What is manpower planning ?

(b)What are the methods of recruitment ?
15. (a) Explain the process of Manpower planning
(b) What are the various sources of Recruitment .
16. Discuss the recruitment process and elaborate the various services of recruitment and, explain briefly the selection process.
17. What is training? Why its evaluation necessary? Explain any one method of evaluation of training. 18. What do you mean by induction? Explain the relevance of induction and training programme. 19. ”It is remarked that employees are developed only after ungergoing training programe.” Do you agree ? Justify 20. Discuss the need and objectives of training programmes and explain how the training programmes are evaluat.ed.

21. What are the...
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