Hrm Case Analysis

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recruitment OF A star

recruitment OF A star

Case analysis

Case analysis


Company overview:1
Sell side analyst:1
Buy side analyst:1
Executive summary:2
Problem statement:4
Data analysis:5
Analyst rankings in semiconductor industry:5
Important factors shaping the perception of sell-side research for 2003.5
Sell side firm selection factors for U.S equities:6
Factors when allocating commissions:7
Head hunter “Triple S”:7
Key decision criteria:8
Weights to key decision criteria elements by sell side research of 2003:8
Pool of stars created by the Craig on the basis of criteria:9
Alternatives analysis:9
David Hughes:10
History and experience:10
Distinctive qualities of David:10
Weakness of David:10
Spenser’s and company analysis:11
Mistakes made by David during interview:11
Gerald Baum:11
History and experience:11
Distinctive abilities of Gerald:11
Some weak points of Gerald:12
Gotz and Loeb analysis:12
Mistakes made by Gerald during interview:13
Sonia Meetha:13
History and experiences13
Distinctive abilities of Sonia Meetha:13
Weakness of Sonia Meetha:14
Welsh, Harrison, and Smith analysis:14
Sonia’s interview with Stephen:14
Seth Hokum:15
History and experience:15
Distinctive abilities of Seth:15
Weaknesses of Seth:16
Jefferson Brothers’ analysis:16
Unsupportive environment of his firm:16
A mystery candidate:16
Action/Implementation plan:18

Company overview:
This case is basically about an investment banking firm situated at New York named Rubin, Stern, and Hertz. A firm operating in semiconductor industry. Stephen Connor is director of research at RSH. Case deals with the issues and problems being faced by buy side and sell side firms in semiconductor industry. RSH firm has a good corporate culture with distinctive features including: * A positive culture supporting team work

* Rewards being tied to individual as well as group success * Supportive towards junior analysts
* Open doors for recent graduates without any experience
* Training sessions for junior analysts
* Promising environment for potential star analysts by providing them with training and opportunities.

This positive culture is considered as primary competitive advantage of the firm and provides distinction over its competitors. Analysts are provided with opportunities to work on analytical and writing skills at work shops and take active part in fostering communication enhancing their writing and communicating skills. General turnover of the firm is quite low as compared to the industry, analysts work under a supportive environment embedded in mutual trust and confidence. This low turnover has caused Stephen to be much more selective while in hiring process.

Certain terms have been given in the case, a brief definition of them are given below: Sell side analyst:
A sell-side analyst works for a brokerage or firm that manages individual accounts and makes recommendations to the clients of the firm. Sell-side analysts are those who issue the often-heard recommendations of "strong buy", "outperform", "neutral" or "sell". These recommendations help clients make decisions to buy and/or sell certain stocks. This is beneficial for the brokerage because every time a client makes a decision to trade stock, the brokerage gets a commission on the transactions. Buy side analyst:

A buy-side analyst usually works for a pension fund or mutual fund company. These individuals perform research and make recommendations to the money managers of the fund that employs them. Buy-side analysts will determine how promising an investment seems and how well it coincides with...
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