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Topics: Customer service, Sales, Marketing Pages: 3 (904 words) Published: August 23, 2012
Barry Niland, a supervisor of a small Sales Department noticed that one of his Industrial sales representatives. Henry Hunter, had a problem. Among other sings, Hunter’s sales had declined in the last six months, although most other sales representatives regularly were exceeding their quotas. Niland decided to try to boost his Sales Representative’s performance by reminding of the many opportunities for satisfaction in a sales job.


I pointed out that in his customer’s eyes he alone in the Company. He has the opportunity to help his customers. He has the opportunity to show his ability and knowledge to many types of people. He has the opportunity to support the people who make our products, to reward the stock-holders and to control his financial return through his own know-how. He has the opportunity of testing his creative ideas, with immediate feed back about their value. He has the opportunity to meet constantly changing conditions, so there is no boredom in his job. There is no quicker way to achieve personal satisfaction than sales work.

Comment on Niland’s approach in dealing with his Sales Representative.

Suggest approaches for increasing Hunter’s:-

a. Job Satisfaction

b. Job Performance

c. Job Involvement

d. Organizational Commitment



Aze, a Mumbai- based mail order company, had distribution centers in the four metropolitan cities and booking offices in all the major cities and towns of India. It took orders from customers to ship books and gifts to their friends and relatives. Sometimes customers requested the company to mail gift items directly to their friends and relatives on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals. The Company ensured that the gifts were delivered on the day specified by the customers.

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