Hr599 Project

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Teresa Ottelin
Corse Project
Parts 1, 2, 3, 4,
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November 11, 2011
Dr. Turner
HR 599 Benefits

Table of Contents
I. Introductionpg 3
II. Statement of the issuepg 4
III. Literature Reviewpg 5
IV. Issue Analysispg 6
V. Issue Solutionspg 7
VI. Solutions and its Implementationpg 8
VII. Justificationpg 9
VIII. Reflectionpg 9-10
IX. Work Citedpg 11

I. Introduction
JCS Technology is a small IT company that is owned by Steve Puzder. Steve employs ten employees of which six are full time, two are part time, and two are contractors. JCS Technology has been in business for 5 years. All the employees have been with JCS Technology for 5 years. The six full time employees are paid an hourly rate along with completion bonuses, the part time employees are paid an hourly rate, and the contractors are paid per job along with completion bonuses.

JCS Technology has a small office and most of the work is done outside of the office. There is one full time person in the office all the rest of the employees work 95% of their time outside the office. Employees are paid every week with monthly bonuses.

The IT field is always changing therefore JCS Technology offers education reimbursement which also includes any tests that need to be taken to get certifications that will keep the employees up to date in their skills. Each employee has a company issued laptop and cell phone. Flex scheduling is also offered along with one week paid vacation. We are going to look at adding paid mileage as most employees have to travel to get to the job site and the job site can change more than once a day. We will also look at medical care as we don’t know what is going to happen with Obama Care. Then lastly we are going to look at a 401k. All of JCS Technology’s employees are fairly young so we are going to see what it is going to take to make this company grow as they grow.

I. Statement of Issues
JCS Technology is a very small and young company which does not have a very high profit margin. Along with being a young company the employees are also young and all single males. With only ten employees and six of them are full-time Steve has not researched a benefit package other than the things that are needed to perform the tasks to complete their job. After looking at three other small IT companies JCS Technology seems to offer about the same benefits as his competitors. I did find that most IT companies do offer some type of car allowance as there is a lot of travel time. I did a survey of all the employees that Steve employs and found that there are some benefits that the employees would like to see and others that are not of immediate concern. I asked the employees to rank a group of benefits in order of importance to them. These benefits include more vacation time, flex scheduling, car allowance, health care, bonuses, and a retirement plan. II. Literature Review

There is a wide range of benefits that may be offered such as educational, family, lifestyle, recreational, retirement, savings, and transportation. Other benefits that are mandatory are Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, COBRA, and FMLA. Benefits are incentives to attract and keep good employees and are also a way of meeting the needs and wants of employees. Another role of benefits is to provide income protection to workers lacking income. Five principal types of income protection delivered by benefits are: (1) disability income replacement, (2) medical expense reimbursement, (3) retirement income replacement, (4) involuntary unemployment income replacement, and (5) replacement income for survivors. (Dave Mote, 2011) Many consumers make random choices, follow the advice of others, or pick a plan that may include a particular medical group. A survey was conducted of 1,800 enrollees and patient in Iowa. It was conducted by the Health Institute at...
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