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HR RESOURCING: ULMS786 Coursework Assignment|
Critically explore the view that HR Resourcing represents a collection of practices for the control of individual employees in organizations| Xiaowei Yang|
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 Introduction
 Part 1: Definition of HR resourcing and
 Part 2: HR practices
 Part 3: Hard and Soft HRM
 Part 4: The gap between rhetoric and
 Part 5: Control or Commitment
 Part 6: Philosophy
 Conclusion
 References


In the world of knowledge economy, human resource has become the key element of resource in enterprise development, where human resourcing management is receiving more and more attention. There is a viewpoint about HR resourcing, which is that HR Resourcing represents a collection of practices for the control of individual employees in organizations. This article will analyze this idea using hard and soft models of human resource management (HRM) and the gap between rhetoric and reality. Firstly, a definition of HRM is necessary before the deep study. Secondly, it will explain what the HR practices are and the main HR practices. The introductions of best practice and best fit are also exhibited in this part. Then, it examines the hard and soft HRM and a gap between rhetoric and reality. It can be indicated that rhetoric reflects soft HRM, whilst reality links to hard HRM. After that, this article moves attention to control and commitment. Finally, the conclusion will be made based on evidences before.

Definition of HR Resourcing and HRM

The HR resourcing has been expanded to a greater extent than at any time. It is a significant area for organization. A leaning of HR resourcing is necessary before analyze and understand the problem in a deep-going way. HR resourcing means ‘the recruiting, selecting and retention and removal of employees’ (Pilbeam, 2006). HR resourcing is fairly close to the people resourcing.

Turning to HRM, it is definite as ‘the science and the practice that deals with the nature of the employment relationship and all of the decisions, actions, and issues that relate to the relationship’ (Ferris, Rosen & Barnum, 1995, p.1). Simply, HRM is a management subject, which is focus primarily on the people in organizations. The main task in this subject is to recruit, select, train and develop individuals for an organization (Aswathappa, 2005, p.5).

HR practices

HR practices mainly include recruitment and selection, appraisal, training and development, pay and rewards and so on (Marchington & Wilkinson, 2005, p.87). It serves for the organization. Therefore, they must meet the needs of organization (Budd, Scoville & Labor and Employment Relations Association, 2005, p.198). An organization would be in the advantageous position in competitions and realize economic goal of maximizing income if optimizing labor resources. Some introductions to several HR practices will be listed next: 1. Recruitment and Selection—It is one of the most important components of HR practice. An enterprise would be in the advantageous position in competitions and realize economic goal of maximizing income if getting the appropriate person at the right moment. Individuals not only have skills and personality but also fit well with the organization (Keagy & Thomas, 2004, p.271). 2. Appraisal—This is a method to judge the performance of employees. The appraisal results are used to evaluate excellent performance and poor performance in many organizations. It also provides evidence to decide the salary or wage of an individual employee. Appraisal system ensures that the judgments are lawful, accurate and fair (Fletcher & Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2004, p.139). 3. Training and Development—It is widely believed that training can lead to strong performance improvement. In other words, training and development a necessary way to raise working efficiency (Laird,...
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