Identify and Analyse the Main Hr Issues at the West Bank Call Centre and Provide Recommendations to Resolve Them.

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Identify and Analyse the main HR issues at the West Bank call centre and provide recommendations to resolve them. 12/17/2012

Executive Summary2
Key Problems2
Role of HR3
Employee Resourcing3
Issues and Recommendations3
Operation of multi-skilling and phone time6
Learning and Development7
Reward Management8
Employee Relations8

Executive Summary
In terms of Human Resources, the call centre industry is one of the most difficult to manage, this was made more apparent when analysing the case study which describes call centres as “modern day versions of the 19th Century sweatshops”. In general turnover is one of the biggest problems call centres face and this is no different with the case of West Bank. A large contributing factor to the high turnover rates is poor recruitment, due to the nature of the system. An applicant should be hired on the basis they have good communication skills, a background of working in a team as well individually, a positive enthusiastic attitude and the ability to converse in a clear, concise and friendly manner down the phone. To establish whether or not an applicant has these characteristics, mangers should hold preliminary phone interviews and use a systematic checklist to determine if they are suitable. With a strong workforce filled with carefully selected employees there should be a decline in turnover and absenteeism. Once employed, training and development is essential in order to achieve maximum efficiency. West Bank currently employs a system where the team leaders are the responsible to train and develop employees, which is not an efficient arrangement. An outside trainer should be brought in to oversee a week long intensive training course. This should revolve heavily around role playing and mock phone calls. This should help improve confidence on the phone and improving their flow of conversation and eradicating most previous negative traits. Another issue that must be addressed immediately is the low pay offered by the call centre. ( Key Problems

The aim of this report is to establish the prominent HR issues at the West Bank call centre and how I; as the newly appointed HR manager, aim to resolve them. On initial analyses of the given case study I have +established that there are few key HR issues which need immediate reconciliation, these being: * Turnover rate (attrition) i.e. The flow of employees out of the business, * absenteeism,

* the growing part-time work force,
* Operation of multi-skilling and phone time,
* the lack of a strong managerial presence,
* poorly defined working hours (including overtime pay),
* format of training and development,
* Recruitment through Central HR and a few other agencies for temporary staff. * Current focus on “personality” while recruiting
* Low pay relative to local labour markets,
* Presence of trade union,
* Lack of incentives and clear progression within the call centre. * Poor communication channels with the employees and the managerial staff. As newly appointed HR manager I will utilise modern HRM techniques to rectify current issues that has slowed progression and resulted in the issues listed above. Role of HR

“The Human Resource Department deals with management of people within the organisation.” ( This is a simple but broad explanation of the role of HR and can be broken down into other categories: * HR policies and Procedures

* Employee Resourcing
* Learning and Development
* Reward Management
* Employee Relations
The four categories above clearly advertise the role of HR within an organisation. By stay within strict accordance with laws and employment rights/standards a good HR department can drastically affect the success of an organisation Employee Resourcing

Issues and Recommendations
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