Hr Issues of Infosys

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April 18, 2010
Infosys employees vent anger on HR issues in Blogs
Recently during a discussion on 'top 3 high priority concerns for HR', I said that managing the voice of employees in the web space is going to be a top priority concern. I must admit that my point was not well endorsed and finally it did not feature among the top three concerns.

However, I still continue to be a muscular proponent of what I had said with due respect to everyone who were present there.

This link  from Rediff clearly indicates the point in my support. Today it's Infosys and tomorrow it might be a different company.

Hence, I feel it's important to realise that one of the new avatar of HR is going to be managing the image of it's company in the web world. And most of the time and energy is going to be invested upon moderating or managing the voice of it's own employees.

However, I feel that the real solution lies in the quality of HR value delivery. How long and to what extent can one moderate angst or displeasure? Angst will find alternate means too. But the honesty, clarity and sincerity with which HR delivers value to employees and business is going to be the real key in this regard.

HR issues: Infosys goes back to the basics
Aug 8, 2003, 01.08am IST

It would appear that all's not well at India's best employer — Infosys Technologies. If you go by employee angst over the past few months, it only points to the human resource challenges ahead. Be it the rollout of its variable pay scheme and handling of promotions or the recruitment process and the company's transforming into a role-based organisation — at the end of all this, there's been a fair share of heartburn among employees.

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