Changing in Role of Hrm Professionals

Topics: Management, Human resource management, Human resources Pages: 8 (2792 words) Published: July 30, 2012
HRM 210: Assessment Item 1
Underlining The Process Of Transformation And Changing In Role Of Human Resource Professional

Phuong Duy Hoang (Louis)
Charles Stuart University

Underlining the process of transformation and changing in role of human resource professional Human Resource manager play a wide variety of roles in organizations. Depending on the scale and size of the organization or what industry they are in, HR jobs may changing in each situation. It is recommended that in today business world, HR manager plays the role of not only strategic partner, employee champion but also change agent as well as administrative expert. Based on the four criteria mentioned above, the following paper will discuss HR manager roles together with number of examples to clearly explain the theoretical view. The role of the HR professional staff is changing to inline the needs of fast and continuous changing organizations. It is said that “The basics of recruiting, hiring, paying, developing, motivating, utilizing and even terminating people are the fundamental requirement for any organization” (Anderson, 1997). In the old day, the basic functions of HR manager were to focus on administrative tasks such as keeping track of employee days off or holiday taken; hiring and paying staffs, administering benefits and so on. HR staffs has responsibility for the daily employee problems and their complaints, employee paperwork including employee’s profile, work achieving records or record of salary or benefit payment. Additionally, creating an organizational infrastructure was one of a traditional HR role. But, in the dynamic working environment, in dealing and managing of people, more new tasks are needed to be performed by HR manager although the primary role is to support management. Dave Ulrich, one of the famous writers in HR field recommended four additional roles for the HR manager. Those are administrative professional, employee champion, strategic partner and change agent. The role of HR has changed over the year and it has become a key part of the management team. The long term process of functional redesign is considered as transformation (Keegan & Francis, 2010). HR department now regularly work with employees as the management of the company to fulfill the ombudsman role in reviewing, counseling, conducting confidential discussion and working on any other employee issues (Anderson, 1997). Why and how HR roles are changing and its function are being redesigned. Many researchers have proved that organization today face more challenges ever than before thus those challenges require company to build new capabilities. It is time for HR department play a leadership role in enabling their organization to face with competitive challenges. Firstly, one of the causes of this changing is the use of technology in business operation. Taking the advantage of the internet, web’s based system, online communication technologies such as forum, teleconferences and so on; business interaction and communication has become much more convenience and faster. The growing in the use of high tech lead to the change in ways of working such likes the use of shared service centers and online software for the processes of employee recruitment and payment. Top management level needs to find out how to make technology a viable, productive part of the work setting. Secondly, every business operation today is facing with the term of globalization. That is the expansion of global markets or doing business across the border. Management struggling to practice to concept of “thinks global and act local”. Globalization requires that company has to move products, people’s ideas and information around the world to meet with local market demand where they are conducting businesses. Organizations are asked to increase their ability to learn and implement new way to manage ambiguity, diversity and complexity (Ulrich, 1998, p.6). In addition,...
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