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1. Discuss the challenges faced by HR management when significant staff cutbacks occur and how they should be addressed.

In my opinion one of the most difficult challenges faced by HR management when significant staff cutbacks occur is having to lay off fellow co-workers that do not deserve to lose their jobs. When laying off part of your work force you have to find a way to get the same amount of work done but with less people. This is very hard because once a layoffs occur other workers tend to lose morale, trust and productivity suffers. Mainly because the remaining employees are always waiting and wondering when and if there time will come to. As cutbacks occur employees start looking for other jobs, resistance could become a factor, their commitment to the company and its goals become overshadowed by the employees own survival and security needs. Also, to those employees that are left they can go thru a period of anger, guilt, depression and even loneliness. I believe it is just as hard emotionally on the people that are cut, as those that are not.

HR Management needs to be understanding and supportive and try to get their remaining employees to accept the new changes and regain their hope and trust within the company. I believe that this could be an opportunity for HR management to engage and challenge their employees to find efficiencies and innovative solutions which can have a huge effect on motivation, morale and commitment. HR Management needs to use this time to communicate with their employees more. They need to insure that communication is frequent, consistent and honest.

2. Use of technology, employee retention, and HR development have been at the core of HR becoming more strategic at Xerox. Why have those areas been so key?

I believe that the use of technology, employee retention and HR development has become key with all business today, because there has been such a change in the work force today. With the economy being as...
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