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Strategic Partnership (graded)|
This course focuses on the strategic value that technology has brought to HR and the business. As a result, HR is a strategic partner in companies. How specifically has technology created this strategic partnership? Share an example. What values have resulted from this strategic partnership? |

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    |    Shawn Entrikin | 30 Apr 11    5:35 PM MST | | Hi Team,

Welcome to HRIS! In terms of the different types of HRISs, what is the main difference between an Management Information System (MIS) and a Human Resources Management Decision System (HRMDS)?

    |    Martha Luntz | 1 May 11    6:44 AM MST | | MIS proides information necessary to manage an organization effectively and HRMDS generates different types and levels of reports to assist managers in making decisions.|

    |    Stephanie Thrasher | 2 May 11    9:08 AM MST | | MIS study the people and the technology and the organizations and relationships that is in that environment. HRMDS helps support the HR in decision making due to cost and budgets.|

    |    Edgar Harvey | 2 May 11  10:05 AM MST | | The key point of the difference of Management Information System (MIS) and a Human Resources Management Decision System (HRMDS) is MIS is the chosen system by the organization while the HRMDS is what information is utilized by the organization. The MIS system is chosen to be cost effective for the organization. HRMDS is the information management deemed important and employee information required by government entities for compliance. Date Modified: 2 May 11  10:11 AM MST|

    |    Brandon Deen | 2 May 11    9:58 PM MST | | According to our textbook on page 12, it states that Management Informaition Systems (MIS) can further help decision makers to make and implement strategic decisions. Also on page 16 it states that a Human Resources Management Decision System (HRMDS) has the following characteristics, report formation and generation based on indentified managerial needs for decision making, categorization of reports by management levels, timing of report generation based on frequency of managerial use and historic information kept and reported in a timely manner to managers. I think that the difference between the two is that the HRMDS goes into further details about the information that is gathered, received and kept|

    |    La Ronda Hill | 3 May 11    9:33 PM MST | | Management information system assists management with decision making for organizing and running the department. It seems that HRMDS is primarily for reporting. The text advises these reports are are formatted depending on the managerial need. It produces time reporting and others.|

    |    Leonetta Harris | 4 May 11    6:34 PM MST | | Human Resource Management Decision System is used strictly for Human Resource needs. According to the text it "focuses on generating reports of different types. levels and frequencies to assist managers in their decision making."

Management Information System provides the information in order for HRMDS to generate the reports for the decision making. These two systems coincide with each other.|
    |    Sanisia Sanders | 4 May 11  11:38 PM MST | | Management Information System according to the textbook "MIS can further help decision makers to make and implement strategic decisions" (Kavanagh, M. & Thite, M., p. 12).

Human Resources Management Decision System is "consisting of reports managers and HR professionals receive on a regular basis but that are used in their daily work, particularly in their decision-making capacity" (Kavanagh, M. & Thite, M., p. 32).|

    |    Marcela Carrasco | 8 May...
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