Hr and Organizational Change

Topics: World Trade Center, Management, Goal Pages: 4 (1067 words) Published: March 15, 2008
By: Muhammad Faisal

Change is a messy, iterative process. Just when you think you've arrived you find you've hardly begun (Tony Turrill: Change & Innovation - A Challenge for the NHS) Ever since those two planes hit the twin towers of World Trade Center we talk about 9/11 as if this was the only year that September 11 took place. As a matter of fact the world has seen the eleventh day of the ninth month throughout the Gregorian calendar for over 2000 years. Come 2001 and people started blaming this day for their personal and professional failures. One person got fired by his employer in the month of June but people said it was his 9/11. Even some organizations found a worthy scapegoat in the form of 9/11. It is also often mentioned that everything has changed since 9/11. We should however not forget that the world has seen more tragic changes taking place, in the past, having survived two world wars and many recessions. In the corporate world, those who found the going too tough also found a place in the history books. However, the ability to deal with change effectively remained the key to attaining success for high performing organizations. As HR assumes the role of a business partner their participation in organizational change activities is becoming more and more critical. This article provides a basic guideline for organizational change to all managers in general and HR practitioners in particular. Understanding Change

In a corporate world where 'change ' & 'change management' are the buzz words very few people would be able to answer one basic question - 'why change?'. Having been personally involved in organizational change and having closely monitored some change management activities, I have concluded that if managers ask themselves the following key questions before administering any change, they will be able to handle change much more effectively: 1. Why change

2. What to change &
3. How to change
Let's take these questions one at a time.
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