How I Met Myself

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How I Met Myself
Q: Based on the novel above, describe the main character. Answer with evidence. Ans: The main character in the novel ‘How I Met Myself‘ is John Taylor. He is a 34-year-old-Englishman living and working in Hungary. He is 2 meters tall with light brown hair and eyes and a moustache. Taylor is adventurous and eager to try something new. He is a computer programmer who takes a job in another country, especially in one which he has never visited before, because he thinks it will be interesting. He takes Hungarian lessons from a girl named Andrea. They fall in love and get married. Later, they also have a daughter whom they name Kati. Taylor is also curious and determined to understand the strange meeting that took place on 18 January. He feels afraid whenever he thinks of the strange encounter but his curiosity pushes him to seek answers.

Q : Based on the novel above, describe one of the following moments in the story, answer with evidence. - the most frightening
- the saddest
Ans : The most frightening part in the novel ‘How I Met Myself’ is when the main character, John Taylor meets himself. The incident happens one evening when a man comes out of a street door and runs straight into Taylor. It is eerie that when the man apologises and Taylor looks at his face, he sees someone who looks just like him. He has the same features as Taylor. Even more puzzling as well as intriguing is that there are no footprints on the snow left by the man. Taylor follows the man but discovers no one has seen him. He seems to have simply vanished. Taylor’s life changes after that strange encounter as he begins to have dreams about the meeting. It is frightening because he has to relieve the experience over and over again. He also always wakes up feeling afraid. Taylor cannot understand the meaning of the strange meeting which only makes it intriguing.

Q : Based on the novel above, describe an important event which changes the main character’s life, answer with evidence. Ans : In the novel ‘How I Met Myself’ the life—changing event for John Taylor is when he meets himself during one cold January evening, A man runs into Taylor and he looks just like him. The strange meeting is both confusing and frightening for Taylor. Taylor’s life changes after the strange event. He dreams about the encounter every night. He gets up in the dark feeling afraid every night. At times, when he does not go back to sleep after dreaming, he lays awake. He grows more and more tired. He even isn’t nice to his wife, Andrea. He also isn't honest with her. He does not tell her that he is arriving home late every night. Andrea also notices the change in his attitude and she is unhappy, Even his work life is affected. He finds it difficult to think about the things he has to do. Soon, Taylor is afraid to go home and sleep because he is afraid he will dream the same dream. He no longer has a simple and happy life with his wife like he did before the strange meeting.

Q : Based on the novel above, describe the relationship between two characters, answer with evidence. Ans: In the novel ‘How I Met Myself’, the two characters I would like to write about are John Taylor and his wife, Andrea. Taylor and his wife share a close and loving relationship. Andrea notices a change in her husband’s attitude. She feels hurt and upset. Taylor loves Andrea very much and fees terrible that he has been hurting her. At first, Taylor does not tell his wife about his strange meeting and his recurring dreams. However, when he does, she wants to help him find answers to his questions about the strange encounter. Taylor soon begins to feel more hopeful for the future once Andrea knows the truth. They work together to find information about the man’s identity. Even though, they learn nothing from talking to the people living in the buildings where the strange meeting took place, the fact that Andrea knows about the strange meeting is comforting to Taylor. His life...
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