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Study Guide For Double Helix
by Nancy Werlin

(46 points possible)

Part I: Due Friday, January 25th 2013. Type or Hand Write in Ink.
Research Huntington’s disease and answer these questions. (10 pts) a.
Do this first!

What is Huntington’s Disease
b. How is it caused on a genetic level? Be specific about the chromosome #, genetic mutation, dominant or recessive, and chance of inheriting the disorder. c. What are symptoms?
d. Is there a cure? What are treatments?
**Include cites from at least 2 reliable sources.

Part II: Due ______________________. Reading Guide Questions and Essay *Be sure to include page numbers and quotes from the novel, when appropriate, to ensure a complete answer and full credit.
1. What is the connection between what Wyatt Transgenics Company does and the reference to the comic “The Swamp Thing”? (2 pts) The connection between Wyatt Transgenics and the comic is that in the company they alter organism’s genes and that’s what had happened to the Swamp Thing (pg 64) 2. What does the term “transgenic” mean? (2 pts)

Transgenic is when an organism is altered by having a gene from another species transferred into the original organism. (pg 64) 3. How do the scientists make the animals develop the desired proteins? How do scientists access the proteins? Provide the 3 exact details. (4 pts) The scientist make the proteins by giving the rabbits the transgenic genes, then in the rabbit the genes make the rabbits produce the proteins in their milk, and then they milk the rabbits and purify the proteins out of the milk. (pg 67) 4. How can the proteins from the animals’ milk be used? (2 pts) The proteins can be used for treatments for arthritis and cancer and several other conditions that affect the immune system. (pg 67) 5. When was testing for Huntington’s disease first made legal? Explain how Eli’s parents were able to get him tested. (2 pts) Huntington’s disease was first made legal in 1968. Eli’s parents were able to...
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