How E-Tailing Affect on Traditional Retail Market in Hong Kong?

Topics: Retailing, Online shopping, Electronic commerce Pages: 3 (712 words) Published: April 10, 2013
How E-tailing affect on Traditional Retail Market in Hong Kong?


The product quality and Word-of-mouth are importance evaluation of online products. The consumers would consider both quantitative and qualitative aspects of online reviews. The consumer will also collect the comments about favorable news and unfavorable news before they are going to purchase in internet. Moreover, when consumers read online reviews, they are concern that not only to review marks but to other contextual information such as a reviewer's well-known and reviewer exposure. In general, the consumers are usually tended to buy the good quality product in the shop more than e-shop. (Hu, N., Liu, L., & Jie, J. Z., 2008). In Hong Kong online business Word-of-mouth that online product is also very important, some web site will provide the platform to share the product or services experience, for example and baby care forum, and they are well developed website in Hong Kong. Furthermore, the consumers in Hong Kong like to go retail shop to buy luxury goods and large quantitative goods they will prefer to buy in online because the price is low.

Another research from Lien-Ti Bei, Etta Y.I. Chen, & Widdows, R. (2004), results of that the experience products will most popular to buy those other products on internet. Furthermore, the on-line shopping survey indicated that consumers of experience products inclined to use more online information than those of search products. The main point of that the consumers can easily to make the judgment solely on the experience products can be changeable extent so as to be searchable and purchasable on the Internet. Therefore, online information is very important for the consumers they were bought the experience products on internet more often base to retailer or manufacturers’ online information. Retailer or manufacturer must show all usefulness details, ease-of-use and positivity information in their website. In Hong...
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