Effectivenss of Social Media Marketing in the Telecomunication Industry of Sri Lanka

Topics: Social media, Facebook, Data analysis Pages: 64 (17182 words) Published: October 20, 2012
Table of Contents
1.List of Tables4
2.List of Figures5
4.Executive Summary7
5.1.Background of the Problem9
5.2.Establishment of the problem10
5.3.Significance / Rationale of the Problem11
5.4.Objective of the Report11
5.5.Approach to data collection and analysis12
5.6.Delimitations of the Study12
5.7.Outline of the report13
5.7.2.Literature review14
5.7.3.Study design14
5.7.4.Data presentation and analysis14
5.7.5.Conclusion and recommendation14
5.7.6.List of references14
6.Literature Review15
6.1.Understanding the Effectiveness of social media marketing15
7.Study Design20
7.3.Data Collection21
7.4.Data Analysis22
7.4.1.Open Coding22
7.4.2.Axil Coding23
7.4.3.Selective Coding23
8.Data Presentation and Analysis24
8.1.Findings on Facebook fans24
8.1.1.Understanding on social media26
8.1.2.Purpose of Usage27
8.1.3.Usage Pattern28
8.1.5.Understanding of effectiveness31
8.2.Findings on Service Providers35
8.2.1.Understanding of Social Media36
8.2.2.Purpose for usage in Business36
9.Conclusions and Recommendations41
10.List of References43

1. List of Tables

Table 1: Final coding frame work of Facebook fans after reduction of initial coding framework Table 2: Final coding frame work of Service provider marketers after reduction of initial coding framework

2. List of Figures

Intentionally left Blank

3. Acknowledgement

There are lots of people whom I need to acknowledge who has helped me in various ways to successfully complete this research. Mr Sidath Wanaguru, my supervisor who always provided guidance whenever I got stuck with my research. Without him I would not have been able to complete my research on time. Mr Ravi Bamunusinghe, ,my lecture who gave me the required theoretical knowledge on various phases of the research. His knowledge on theory and research methodology was really helpful during my research designing process. All participants whom I interviewed, including the professional staff members of the respective service providers were are great help for the successful completion of this research. Finally the people who have researched in similar areas of subject from whom I have gained huge amount of knowledge which really helped me in this research.

4. Executive Summary

This research is conducted in order to understand the effectiveness of social media marketing in the telecommunication industry in Sri Lanka. Telecommunication industry is a well established industry in Sri Lanka which is highly competitive and contributes more than 2% to the GDP. Social media is an immerging socializing and networking technology communication tool that is used by individuals to share information, keep connection and communicate. Social media is used for business objectives mainly in to marketing all over the world, it has become a hype in the field of marketing. When an observation was done using the Facebook one the popular social networking sites in Sri Lanka, it is revealed that out of the total 1,058,680 users of Sri Lankan Facebook fans who are over 18 years of age only 257,260 has subscribed to the telecommunication industry Facebook pages. More over out of the 1,058,680 users in Facebook 410,740 users have said they are interested in the mobile category. Therefore it is observed that telecommunication companies have not been able to attract at least the people who are interested in their domain. Therefore at the face...
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