Consumer Union and Consumer Report

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  • Published : August 26, 2009
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Consumer Report 1

Consumer Union & Consumer Report

Sim Yi’en Evynn

MT219 - 26

Consumer Report 2

There are five consumer buying decision processes and they are problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision and post-purchase evaluation. In my opinion, Consumer Reports information most impact information search. Information search involve two aspects of information search, the internal search and external search. As to how Consumer Reports information will impact the information search, I think that Consumer Reports will impact consumers more on the external search side.

The process of internal search is the act of searching through memories to recall previous experiences with products or brands. Internal information search can be both useful and not useful. It is useful because the information that you have is sufficient for frequently purchased products. It is not very useful as well because chances of making a wrong buying decision are high. (Networker1, n.d.).

Nowadays, internet would be the first choice of external information search on products that consumers want because it’s easily assessable. The benefits of technology, effectiveness of internet search and user satisfaction are preceding of the perceived benefits of information search. Sometimes information on the product that is needed may be insufficient from other sources online and that’s when Consumer Reports come in.

Consumer Reports is quite a reliable source for information’s on products Consumer Reports information’s are proven to be accurate in majority of products. Not only do they provide ratings and reviews of the products, they take surveys and do various tests on the product to provide reliable information’s to consumers. It is crucial for Consumer Reports to be hundred percent accurate in their evaluations as sometimes, lives are at stake (CU-annual-report, 2008).

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