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Topics: Psychometrics, Validity, Classical test theory Pages: 17 (6214 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Table of context
1.Introduction 3 2.Steps and phases in developing a psychological measure 3 2.1Planning phase 3 2.2Item writing 4 2.3Assembling and pretesting the experimental version of the measure 4 2.4Item analysis 5 2.5Revising and standardizing the final version of the measure 5 2.6Technical evaluation and norms establishment 6 2.6.1evaluating reliability 6 is reliability 6 of reliability 6 affecting reliability 7 2.6.2evaluation Validity 8 is validity 9 of validity 9 2.6.3Establishing norms 11 are norms of norms 11 Norm- reference norms 11 -reference norms 13 compatibility 13 2.7Publishing and ongoing refinement 14 2.8Conclusion 14 2.9Steps followed in the adaptation of an assessment measure for cross cultural application. 14

Process in developing a psychological assessment measure
A psychological assessment is a process of information gathering from various sources, in order to identify; strengths and weaknesses, help in making diagnosis, gather information about human behaviours and helps in a number of other decision making processes. An assessment is a multidimensional process which does not just involve the test results but information from multiple sources to establish a more comprehensive picture (Moerdyk, 2009). In order to develop a psychological assessment measure a number of specific steps are required to be taken. These steps fall within one of seven phases, which will be discussed in detail in this essay. Furthermore how one would choose items for a test, how one would determine the quality of reliability and validity for a test will be discussed. This essay will also define the two types of norms, issues in establishing norms and cultural compatibility will be discussed. Examples will be used throughout the essay. Steps and phases in developing a psychological measure

Planning phase
The first phase in developing a psychological measure is the planning phase. In order to successfully develop a psychological measure, one needs to ensure an understanding of the aim of the measurement to be made, define the content of the measure and how to develop the test plan. In order to successfully achieve this, it is important to consider the following; what motive is there for developing the psychological measure, what type of measurement will be taken, who will be involved in the measurement and what exactly will...
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