Psychological Disorder Analysis

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  • Published : August 17, 2012
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Psychological Disorder Analysis

Andrew Graham

Psychological Disorder Analysis
Abnormal behaviors have been the noted in most societies and cultures. Because of the affect these behaviors have on the afflicted, there has been a great effort to organize and treat these disorders. In the scenario given, Marla is experiencing symptoms of abnormal behaviors. Her lack of ability to concentrate and general anxiety are affecting her in more than one aspect of her life. She has trouble sleeping, which can be seen as an issue in itself. She is also experiencing difficulties at work. Any unavoidable behaviors that cause distress should be considered abnormal. Because Marla is seeking help for these problems, I would certainly associate her symptoms with a diagnosable disorder (Comer, 2005) . When diagnosing any disorder you would not only need to observe the presence of symptoms, but also trace the symptoms for some period of time. Marla’s case alludes to certain symptoms that could be indicative of several disorders. For the sake of examining her further, I would diagnose her with a substance abuse disorder. The onsets of her symptoms seem to be unrelated to any other major influence. Common issues include loss of focus and irritability are caused by withdraw from most abused substances. Her lack of sleep is also a common symptom when adequate amounts of a needed substance are not ingested. This is considered withdrawal. To meet these criteria, Marla must have been using the substance for an extended period. Any depressants tend to affect the nervous system allowing the user to obtain a calming sensation. Repeated use can cause the body to overcompensate for the substance’s effect. Marla’s symptoms may be her body’s reaction to the effects of a toxic chemical. As she tries to reproduce the calm sensation, her body increases the sensitivity to stimulation. The results are an inability to concentrate and the jumpy feeling. Similar to the...
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