Issues in Psychological Testing Worksheet

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  • Published : September 8, 2012
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Issues in Psychological Testing Worksheet

Using the text for this course, the University Library, the Internet, and/or other resources answer the following questions. Your response to each question should be at least 200 words in length.

1.What are at least two ethical issues associated with psychological testing? What impact do these issues have on the field of psychological testing?

One document of psychological testing is “the Standards”, formally known as the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, APA, NCME, 1999). This document is loaded with references of the “should’s” and “should not’s” of the construction, administration, and interpretation of tests (Hogan, 2007). The “should’s and should not’s” are basically what should or should not be done in psychological testing, which constitute ethical principles for the profession. The second source of ethical principles associated to testing is the American Psychological Association’s (APA, 2002) Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (Hogan, 2007). Competence is a very important ethical principle of psychological testing. Psychologist should establish competence in assessment concepts and methodology. The concepts include reliability, validity, norms, and test construction. Technical characteristics, administration, scoring, and other procedures applicable to particular test are included in methodology (Hogan, 2007). Confidentiality is also an important ethical issue in psychological testing. Psychologists must treat test results as confidential information. Psychologists should release test results to other qualified professionals only with the consent of the client and should refer to the test results only within the context and purpose for which the results were obtained (Hogan, 2007). These issues help keep psychological testing ethical and trustworthy within the context of issues commonly encountered in a profession. Allowing people to...
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