How a Car Is Built

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How A Car is Made – Ford Mustang

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Phuong Nguyen

The Ford Mustang from Start to Finish

Building a car is no simple task, as shown in this video of how a Ford Mustang is made from start to finish. The process of assembling a car is one that requires a large amount of both human and material resources. This video shows every subassembly, bolt, and piece of metal that is used in creating the resulting product, a Ford Mustang. Even though one part or one person seems insignificant, one loose bolt or missing screw can result in disastrous results. This causes trouble not only for the employees of the assembly line, but for the company and everybody associated with it. Therefore, throughout the video, each and every step that takes place in creating the finished product is as important as the next. The first step of this long process is the arrival of resources. It takes about one ton of steel to produce one Ford Mustang. These rolls of steel are first unrolled and cut with a very powerful and efficient machine. These sheets of steel are then stamped according to a specific dye to conform to the shape of the Ford Mustang; any excess metal is cut away. The first piece that is made is the right rear quarter panel of the Ford Mustang. This piece is used to put together the right rear fender of the car. More sheets of steel are welded together creating the next part of the car, the floor plan. This includes the weld for the transmission along with the weld for the spare tire. The three pieces required for the floor plan is welded together and passed along the assembly line. The lower back of the Mustang requires workers to put strips around the side in order to prevent water...
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