Using the Scientific Method to Figure Out How to Solve Cars Problems

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  • Published : August 2, 2012
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Chris David
SCI/230 Assignment: Scientific Method Activity Using the scientific method to figure out how to solve cars problems With the scientific method activity I went, with the car experiment. I had to experiment my concepts before, I can found the correct problem. Regularly the first thought that comes to a mind, when my car will not start up for the reason of the battery. I have experimented with, the battery first and that was not the issue. I came to the conclusion that it might be an electrical issue, so I switch the spark plugs. It was not the spark plug also. Then I decided to observe the fuses, which it became apparent that it was the issue. Thinking well I use the steps, for scientific method by experimenting all of my concepts and making a conclusion. The first thing that I had to figure out which issue that I thought the car was a having. I had to experiment every concepts to see, which issue was not making the car start. When I figured out, which problem it was the car could have been fixed. It has been so many occasions that I could have use the scientific method, to obtain the issue but regrettably I did not. I do obtain large amount of car problems. I have gone through an estimate amount, of three cars in the last three years for the reason I did not have any knowledge of what was the problem with them. I could have created some ideas, and then experimented with them. I might have tried to save, the car before I fully lost the car. For the future when I obtain car issues, I would try to use the scientific method to solve the problem before it turns out worst. First thing I would do is making, an inspection about the problem. I will try, and choose what I think the issue might be. Then I will make assumption, and then experiment with them. After I tested the ideas I will make a conclusion, even if I did or did not fix the...
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