How We Met

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How you met......

It was Friday when you were wandering aimlessly around the school at lunch time. When you heard someone playing a beautiful song on guitar. Intrigued, you followed the soft music. As you got closer the music became louder, you entered a corridor where there was a door slightly ajar that you pushed open silently carefully trying not to disturb the musician at his work. You realized who it was as you grew closer to him. It was Daniel. Or Danny from your maths class.

'uhh....hi?' you mumbled trying not to upset him.

He turned around and his face exploded into a red colour as he stopped playing immediately. 'Oh! Its you ________!' He said still as red as a tomato.

'What were you playing?' you smiled at him. You too had become a red colour as he smiled back at you.

'Oh it was a song....Toothpaste Kisses....' He stuttered.

authors note: Here have a listen....

not too sure if it works but if you haven't heard it that's what is sounds like! :3

He began to play and sing to you. It was the sweetest thing anyone had done for you. His voice was perfect and so was he. Finishing the song there was a long silence as you both were left speechless.

'That was perfect....' you said looking directly into his eyes. He gave you a weak and you smiled back as tears filled your eyes. The bell rang as you both headed off for tutorial (authors note: hello again :3 anyway tutorial is like this pointless 20 minute lesson you spend in your form. Its so pointless that we shouldn't have it >:O).

The next day was weird. You had bumped into him several times but never said anything to him. At the end of the day Danny was walking home on his own when you ran up to him.

'Hey Danny!' You shouted waving at him. 'I'm sorry.'

'For what?' He said, confused.

'I think I'm in love with you....'

'That's okay,' he smiled as he took your hand. 'Because I think I am too.'

Half way home it began to rain really heavily. You then regretted...
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