How to Write a Strategic Marketing Case

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How to Write A Strategic Marketing Case

The key to writing a successful case is related to three issues:

• First, using Part 1 of the Marketing Management Case Worksheets to develop a detailed overview analysis of the case; remember to keep the written aspect of this analysis to two pages. • Second, using Part 2 of the Marketing Management Case Worksheets to clearly understand the main problem facing the company and develop original and innovative alternative solutions to the problem; this section should be no longer than three pages. • Third, writing clearly and without errors, in a total of five pages -- double-spaced, normal font size and page margins. You can include unlimited appendices. Appendices do not count to the page total, and can include financial tables and charts, perceptual maps, summary exhibits, etc. The goal is to force you to write, edit, and rewrite to the point where you are able to fully address all aspects of the case in a concise, but fully detailed five-page report.

Note: You must include your case analysis worksheets along with your written case report to receive full credit.

THE CASE ANALYSIS (within 5 pages)

Executive Summary:

This section discusses the relevant points of the case, including the main problem and proposed solution. No longer than one paragraph.

Company/Product Audit:

This section of the case write-up examines the company's strengths and weaknesses, company history and background, and critical elements of the product or service featured in the case. Several paragraphs.

Environmental Analysis:

This section investigates the external environment in which the organization operates, examining key environmental forces, environmental opportunities and threats, and the structure of the competitive environment. Several paragraphs.

Problem Statement and Underlying Symptoms:

This section should be no longer than -- as it says -- a...
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