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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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How to Write a Project Charter
By Joe Raasch, eHow Member
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Ever get partway through a project and forget why you were doing the project? Or maybe the project team has grown a bit larger than you expected? With a project charter, you can mitigate or eliminate these and other project management challenges. It is helpful to write a project charter before starting any business project. This simple, one-page document will provide an anchor and guide as you move forward in executing, implementing or solving the project you have. Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need:
* A completed project charter template
Choose a Project Charter Template
1. 1
Check with your colleagues or your organization's project management office for any prevailing templates. 2. 2
Ensure the project charter template in some way covers the following areas: project name, problem statement, project team, start date, end date, project goals, project financial impact, project sponsor, project scope. 3. 3

Everyone on your project team will need to have the applicable software, such as MS Word or PowerPoint, to read the project charter. Complete the Project Charter
4. 1
Complete the project name. The name should help identify what the project is about. For example, "New Science Lab Installation Project" or "Mortgage Application Cycle Time Reduction Project." 5. 2

Complete the project summary section. You should write a brief paragraph that tells anyone with basic knowledge of your organization/department what you are doing as a project. 6. 3
Complete the problem statement section. Ask yourself what problem or issue you are trying to solve by doing this project. For example, "the mortgage application process is taking 3 weeks longer than what is acceptable by our clients." 7. 4

Complete the project goal section. What do you expect to accomplish by completing this project? Use S.M.A.R.T....
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